Goofing off!

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Looking to bring out your inner nerd? 

Look no further! Goofing Off is our geek pop-culture TV show in Z-TV. Our content ranges anywhere from movies to video games. Some of our popular segments include Movie Snobs, Animate, Mainstream Mike, Gerventures, and FaceOff! Goofing Off also covers events that occur in the Akron area, they attend conventions and they interact with other visitors. They love to have fun in all of their segments and we hope you guys have fun watching their episodes.

Our 2015-2016 team consists of producer, Ger Vang and team members Andrea Ash, Brendan O’Hara, Kyle Glockner, Cameron Blenton, Michael Delagrane, and Dominic Frameli.

Check out our most recent episode of the spring semester.

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Posted by Katie King