Join ZTV

All students registered at The University of Akron, regardless of their major, are encouraged to apply to our program. The skills you learn at ZTV can be applied to other fields and will be beneficial in future careers.

Recruitment takes place during the first two weeks of each Fall and Spring semester. Once an application is reviewed and accepted, you will go through a training program.

ZTV offers two training programs:

Standard training schedule

This is for students who have not yet used production equipment and are unsure of what show they would like to be placed on. Standard training has the incoming member meet with all of the producers, shadow specific filming opportunities, and lets the incoming member get a feel for all that our shows have to offer. Typically, standard training has a slower schedule.

Expedited training schedule

This is for students who feel confident in their knowledge of production equipment and know what show they want to be placed on. Expedited training places the incoming member on the team of their choosing to shadow the members, from there the producer of that show will decide when they can officially join the team and make their own packages. Typically, expedited training has a quicker schedule.

Why should I Join ZTV?

ZTV can provide benefits towards your personal and professional growth by helping you:

  • Learn to become a storyteller
  • Acquire production skills used in broadcasting
  • Understand the relationship between social media and content promotion
  • Experience teamwork and leadership over a team
  • Meet and network with professionals in the industry
  • Learn about various career paths in the media industry
  • Develop a demo reel, practice interview skills, and learn how to write effective resumes
  • Increase chances of employment after graduation
  • Join a worldwide network of alumni

We invite you to apply and become part of our esteemed program. If you would like to apply, have any questions, or would like to visit the studio, please email us at Please also refer to our FAQ page for help. We look forward to you joining ZTV!