Join ZTV

All University of Akron students, regardless of their major or field of study are welcome to apply to our program.

Applications are accepted during the first two weeks of each regular semester (Fall and Spring). Once an application has been reviewed, you will go through a training program that accommodates your schedule.

The training program is designed for you to understand how the station works and how students produce programming for ZTV. Once you have completed a training program throughout your first semester, you will then join one of our production teams.

Why join ZTV?

Our program can provide benefits towards your personal and professional growth by helping you

  • Learn to become a storyteller.

  • Acquire production skills used in video and television broadcasting.

  • Understand the relationship of social media in the promotion and distribution of programming.

  • Experience working with teams of dedicated students.

  • Provide opportunities to learn skills, and get experience in leadership positions and management of teams.

  • Discover different career paths in the field of media and communication.

  • Improve your ability to express yourself in oral and written communication.

  • Recognize the importance of developing and demonstrating your professionalism in a work environment.

  • Develop network relationships with students, faculty, professionals, and community organizations.

  • Work towards job market integration upon graduation by developing a resume, demo reel, and effective strategies for writing cover letters.

  • Join a community of ZTV alumni for the purposes of networking and support.

  • Increase your chances of finding employment soon after graduation.

We invite you to apply and become part of our program. If you would like to apply, have any questions, or if you would like to arrange for a tour or shadowing experience, please e-mail us at