Welcome to ZTV, The University of Akron’s Emmy award-winning television station where students make media that makes a difference. All of our work is produced by students who are gaining experience in the field of television, broadcasting, live-streaming, video production, and more. ZTV students learn to produce and collaborate to create content that is meaningful and professional while developing the necessary skills they will utilize in their future careers.

Our programming serves two primary purposes:

  • To provide our audiences with a variety of information and entertainment, including Akron news, student life, sports, science, history, entertainment, comedy, geek culture, and more.

  • To provide our students with a range of skills needed to succeed in the professional environment of today’s media. Our programs give students the opportunity to learn how to put together productions in the television studio, how to record video and audio in the field with different pieces of equipment, and how to edit video. Each one of our shows has different production demands, which makes ZTV an ideal place for students to learn a variety of skills.

We invite you to look at our programs for information and entertainment about our campus and our community… or better yet, if you are a University of Akron student, regardless of your major, we encourage you to apply!

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