Sports Report

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The Z-TV Sports Report revolves around the filming of Akron sports, then making highlights of those games, also featuring the most interesting players. Sports Report is a great opportunity to work on closely reporting on a division I athletic program, including a nationally ranked men’s soccer team and one of the most consistent men’s basketball teams in the country, with Coach Keith Dambrot, who was the coach of Lebron James in high school.

Our team consists of producer, Daniel Cermak, and team members Terry Rabbitts, Kara Riccardi, Don Wagner, Katie King, Dave Sponteralli, Corey Cook, and Andrew Wilms.

In our latest episode of the Z-TV Sports Report, we interview Akron freshman Josh Williams on the men’s basketball team, show game highlights for the men’s and women’s basketball teams, and meet up with Clayton Murphy after the MAC indoor track and field championship.

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Posted by Katie King