Our Producers

(Top left: Shannon Shonk Lowdown, Middle: Daniel Cermak Sports Report, Right: Adam Bonomo 300 Seconds, Middle left: Emily Drapp Program Director, Middle: Mikyla Wilfred Akron After Hours, Middle Left: Casey Hodgkiss Promotions Director, bottom left: Ger Vang, middle: Khalil Smith Lights, Camera, Akron!, Right: Jacob Ruocchio-Cole)
Here at Z-TV, we work to ensure the highest quality video production our facility can offer. Our facility is designed and created by students, for students. Our producers take on total responsibility for all of the content of their shows, from the idea stages to the finalized program aired on the UA Cable Channel 45.1. 

Our producers and directors for the 2015-2016 School Year:

Emily Drapp   Jake Cole   Khalil Smith

Casey Hodgkiss   Adam Bonomo   SHANNON
Mikyla Wilfred   GER VANG FINAL   Daniel Cermak