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Here at Z-TV, we are very proud of the U.A. alumni who have been members of Z-TV and have gone on to success in their field! If you are a Z-TV alumni and you want to let us know how you’re doing, please email us an update at: ztv@uakron.edu

Chris Coon, 13. On-air talent, WTAM-AM, Cleveland, OH.
Kerri Nicol,  13. Cleveland Cavaliers, Marketing and Sales.
Anthony Codispoti, 12. Production, James Mills Video, Columbus, OH.
David Coy, 12. Reporter, WHSV-TV, Harrisonburg, VA.
Jessica Merkle, 12. Video Editor, Cleveland Browns.
Cory Boyle, 12 Visual Effects Artist, Glazen Creative, Cleveland, OH
Danielle Cotterman, 11. Reporter, WFMJ-TV Youngstown, WHIZ-TV Zanesville.
Amani Abraham, 11. Reporter, Rubber City Radio- WAKR/WONE/WQMX.
Shannon Houser, 11. Reporter, WTAP-TV, Parkersburg, WV.
Jake Kordan, 11. Video Production Specialist, Hughies Video, Cleveland,OH.
Caitlin Madill, 11. NBC Affiliate Relations, LA, CA.
Lindsay Mullhollen,  12. Studio Manager, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland OH
Chris Oldach, 11. Sales, Clear Channel Radio, Cleveland, OH.
Mike Durst, 10. Air Talent, College Sports on TJR.
Kelly Simko, 11. Ohio.com Marketing, Akron Beacon Journal.
Katie Sponseller,10. Logistics, Walt Disney Company, Orlando, FL.
Brandon Tarzis, 10. Video Editor, On Demand Networks, NYC.
Amy West, 10. Associate, Walt Disney Company, Orlando, FL.
Troy Eisen,  10. Video Editor, Nickelodeon Networks, CT.
Ryan Keeper,  11. President, Keeper Productions, Cleveland, OH.
Steve Lidrbach, 10. Production Specialist,   Mesiter Media, Cleveland, OH.
Patrick Quinn, 10. Production, Zodiak Media, Los Angeles, CA.
Sarah Kotila, 11. Audio Specialist,   Ubiquis, NYC
Jessica Shorten,  11. Art Director, Los Angeles, CA.
Charles Mader,  12. IT Management, Hughies Video, Cleveland, OH.
Ken Carman, ’09. Clear Channel Radio, radio voice of the Akron Aeros.
Rob Hudson, ’08. Cartoon Network, L.A., CA.
Amber Manfredi, ’08. “Late, Late Show w/Craig Ferguson.” LA, WJW-TV8
Ryan Haupt, ’08. Triple Threat TV, NY, NY.
Gina Marie Snyder, ’07. PR NewsWire, Cleveland, OH.
Reem Matar, ’07. PR NewsWire, Cleveland, OH.
Joy Dismukes, ’07. PR NewsWire, Cleveland, OH.
Chris Godley, ’07. Photo Editor, The Hollywood Reporter,  “Ellen” LA.
Judson Heckerman, ’07. V.P., Longfellow Productions, Pittsburgh, PA.
Carolina Finol, ’07. US Adult Soccer Association, Indianapolis, IN.
Erica Woods, ’07. The Travel Channel, The Discovery Channel, D.C.
Scott Sebert, ’06. “Revolution”, “Undercovers” Post Supervisor, NBC, LA.
Tracy Honaker, ’06. BET, Washington, DC.
Jeremiah Widmer, 06. “Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” L.A., CA.
Rachael Rush, 06. MTV, “My Super Sweet 16″ New York, NY.
Danisia Ruffin, 06. MTV Networks, NYC.
Jenn Shaw, 05. “Veep”, “The Unit,” “Shark,” Fox, LA.
Matt Blanock, 05. “Dish Nation”, ” “Fox Sports,” L.A., CA.
Lindsay Frail, 05. Taillight TV, “Super Bowl,” “Nashville Star,” Nashville, TN.
Carrie Vermillion, ’05. Tribeca Film Center, NY, NY.
Stephanie Jarosz, ’05. Tribeca Film Center, NY, NY.
Nick Kosir, 05. KRON-TV, San Francisco.
Wendy Clawson, 05. WEWS-TV, Cleveland, OH.
Megan Porter, 05. NBC, L.A., CA.
Toni Cicone, ’05. WAKR-AM, Stack Magazine, Akron, OH.
Zeina Yazbek, 04. Producer, MTV News & Docs, NYC.
Jeff Brenner, 04. WHOI-TV, Peoria, IL, WBNS-TV, Columbus, OH.
Amanda Sackett, 03. WNEO/WEAO-TV, Kent, OH.

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